Fan Club:
(Kate Brown's very professional-looking site with general info, message
boards, a trivia quiz and more.  The best looking DNA fan site I've
seen, period.  Sometimes the info here is better than the info in the
FAQ.  This site also has the best DNA bibilography, definitely better
than the one in the FAQ.) or
(The unofficial official homepage of a.f.d-a, under direction of
webmaster Iain Barker.  Includes this very MFAQ for your reading
(This recent (June 1999) interview is the best I've seen.  There is
quite definitely some info in here that isn't found anywhere else that
I know of.)
(The transcript of the (BBC) chat from 27 July 1999, probably
the best online chat with DNA that has taken place so far.)

(Note:  new chats, interviews and such are cropping up frequently.
Stay tuned to and the group for a heads-up on most of
them.  Can't promise to catch them all!)
(Home of Project Galactic Guide.  Conceived and executed long before, the idea is a similar one.  Everyone contributes entries on a
wide variety of subjects.  While the execution may not be as flashy as
h2g2, it's worth a visit for the content alone.)
(Kieran John's slightly rough but promising site with a character
database and recreations of the guide entries among its unique
features.  Currently awaiting an update, so don't base your impression
on what's there now.)
(Studio 42.  Home of Bart's Guide to
the Galaxy. ;-)
(Tomas Wallin's page has a large selection of audio samples from the
radio series in RealAudio format.)
(Nathan Hughes' Douglas Adams Worship Pages - the original source for
lots of cool stuff.  He used to maintain the FAQ.)
(Lee Haslam has totally overdesigned this site, but it's one of the
cooler overdesigns I've seen.  I like how all the info of the site
appears on a sort-of HHGG-like screen when you press the link.)
(Slartibartfast, from the country with the award-winning coastline, has
put together a bit of useful info.  Most of it can probably found
somewhere else, but it was the button at the bottom that says "Do not
press this button" and how that is set up that did it for me.  Maybe
I'm just easily amused.)
(Vogon Heavy Industries is home to an impressive Java HHGG
implementation which I finally did get to work recently.  Alas, it
appears to have been neglected for some time.  Still, the design is
good and concept is certainly sound, worth visiting just to see how
similar it is to the Guide described in the original versions.)


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